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Our Delicious story

The kitchen is where I can create my own unique dishes and while using off the shelf seasonings are sufficient I thought to myself I can take it a step further. So I combined a secret blend of spices in a grinder and tada Da Dust was born! Da dust is a sweet heat and taste bud treat!

Da Dust was crafted to be a universal blend of spices that pair well with poultry, fish, beef, pork but not limited to just meat. It can be used on vegetables and anything you want to enhance the flavor of. My mission is to awaken your taste buds one meal at a time. If there’s any doubt just cook a meal for that special person in your life and their reaction will ensure that you always have Da Dust in your pantry.

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Da Sawce

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They Da Dust

What our customers have mentioned 

"This has cut down on the amount of spices I'm buying"

- Bryan G

"I put it on everything one of the most versatile seasonings ever"

- Chago

"I used it on my seafood and beef for a family cookout...Everything turned out great"

- K Mich

"Da Sawce is has a perfect balance of smoke, & heat"

- Laura Petracio

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